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Sumo Wrestling-TOKYO×Hot Springs-OITA

Culture Sumo Wrestling-TOKYO

Kokonoe-beya in Sumida, Tokyo, has more tournament victories than any other sumo stable.
Members of the official fan club can arrange to see a morning training session up close.
The wrestlers train hard and as a group, to better themselves each day.
Their training is grueling and requires discipline and dedication.
It includes serious sparring, at close to tournament-level intensity.

Culture Hot Springs-OITA

Located in Oita Prefecture, Beppu is one of the foremost hot spring towns in Japan.
Takegawara Onsen, with its luxurious gabled roof, is one of the symbols of the town.
It’s also one of the few places where you can try a steamed sand bath.
Feel the energy of the Earth in the steam, mud and waters of Beppu’s seven “hells.” They are a must-see.
A local specialty is “hell-steamed” dishes cooked with the naturally-occurring, hot-spring steam.
There are also outdoor baths, like Suginoi Palace’s Tanayu, where you can enjoy the view as you bathe.
The townscape is perhaps most breathtaking at night.


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