After taking a great view of the Tokyo Bay includes the Rainbow Bridge and taking off and landing jet planes at Haneda Airport, go on a trip to the miraculous Aoshima Shrine standing on Aoshima Island, surrounded by the sea. Great trip to get up close and feel the Japanese ocean.

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Frankfurt Airport

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Narita International Airport

Narita Express

Tokyo Metropolitan Area



Tsukiji Outer Marketmore

Tsukiji Outer Market is adjacent to Tsukiji Inner Market, the world’s largest wholesale fish and seafood market. The Outer Market is a shopping district that dates back to the Taisho period (1912–26). It is lined with more than 400 shops selling everything related to food, from fresh ingredients to cooking utensils.The Outer Market is also a private market—it will stay put even in the event the Inner Market relocates.

About 15 minutes

Hama-rikyu Gardensmore

Featuring a tidal pond with water drawn from Tokyo Bay and a wild duck preserve, Hama-rikyu Gardens is the garden of the Tokugawa Shogunate family, and functioned as the branch castle of the Edo Castle during the Edo era. It's said that the garden's current form was completed during the reign of the 11th-generation Shogun, Ienari. After the Meiji Restoration, it became the detached palace of the imperial family, and was renamed Hama-rikyu.

Toei Oedo Line → Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line → JR Keiyo Line
Shiodome Station → Tsukishima Station → Shinkiba Station → Kasairinkaikoen Station
About 40 minutes / 440 yen

From Kasairinkaikoen Station (to Kasairinkaikoen Water Bus pier)
About 8 minutes on foot

Water Bus (Kasai- Odaiba Line)more


A direct water route between Kasai Rinkai Park and Odaiba. Enjoy the magnificent cityscape of the port of Tokyo, including Tokyo Gate Bridge, jets taking off and landing at Haneda Airport, and looking up from directly beneath Rainbow Bridge. The highlights along the route are the Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Gate Bridge, and Kasai Rinkai Park.

Rinkai Line
Tokyo Teleport Station → Kokusai-tenjijo Station
About 15 minutes / 210 yen

Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel



Haneda Airport

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Aso Kumamoto Airportmore

Situated 20km east of Kumamoto City, Aso Kumamoto Airport sits atop the Takayubaru Plateau on the western side of the Aso outer rim mountains. The airport lies within the municipalities of Mashiki (Kamimashiki District), Kikuyo (Kikuchi District), Ozu (Kikuchi District), and Nishihara Village (Aso District). There are few houses around the airport – instead you’ll find many farms, golf courses, and natural forests. With the smoky Aso volcano visible to the east, and faraway Mt. Unzen visible to the west, Kumamoto Airport occupies a truly scenic location in beautiful Kumamoto Prefecture.

Takachiho express bus
Get off at Takachiho Bus Center.
About 2 hours / 2,160 yen

Takachiho Gorgemore

The gorge was formed from the erosion of pyroclastic flows from Mt. Aso long ago, and it is designated as part of a national park. Manai Falls is a symbol of the gorge, and its lush vegetation and colorful autumn leaves create a beautiful landscape. The boat rental is also very popular (2,500 yen/30 minutes).

About 5 minutes

Hotel Takachiho or nearby hotels


Hotel Takachiho or nearby hotels

About 10 minutes

The route bus
Takachiho Bus Center → JR Nobeoka Station Mae Bus Center
(1,790 yen, about 80 minutes)

JR Limited Express (Nichirin)
JR Nobeoka Station Mae Bus Center → JR Minami Miyazaki Station
(2,580 yen, about 70 minutes)
→ JR Nichinan Line
to JR Aoshima Station
(280 yen, about 30 minutes)

Aoshima Shrinemore


The shrine is located in the center of an island 1.5 km in circumference, surrounded by mysterious rock known as Oni no Sentakuita, or devil's washboard. The contrast between the shrine and the tropical and subtropical plants on the island creates a unique atmosphere that is both Japanese and tropical. It is the setting of the love stories of Umisachihiko and Toyotamahime in Japanese mythology, and said to be good for marriage, easy delivery and so on. It is listed in the Michelin Green Guide Japan (2 stars).

To JR Aoshima Station
About 10 minutes on foot

JR Nichinan Line
JR Aoshima Station → JR Obi Station
About 40 minutes / 560 yen

Obi Castlemore

The castle town of the Obi domain was prosperous during the Edo period. Its old townscape of samurai residences and stone walls has earned it the nickname the "Little Kyoto of Kyushu." In addition to tours of the castle ruins, you can try your hand at a unique form of archery called Shihan Mato or enjoy the local delicacies of Obiten fried fish and the thick egg roll called Atsuyaki tamago. The rental bicycles available at Tourist Information are a great way to get around!

On foot / Bus / Taxi to JR Obi Station (about 1.5km)

JR Nichinan Line
JR Obi Station → JR Nango Station
About 30 minutes / 280 yen

Nango Prince Hotel


Nango Prince Hotel

On foot / Taxi to JR Nango Station (about 1.8km)

Nichinan Line
JR Nango Station → JR Kushima Station
About 40 minutes / 460 yen

Cape Toimore

The cape is located at the southernmost tip of Nichinan Kaigan Quasi-National Park. Clusters of sago palms grow wild, untouched by humans, with the nearly endless panorama of the Hyuganada Sea spreading in the distance. The cape is home to about 100 wild horses called "Misaki uma" that are a national treasure.

Local community bus on the Cape Toi Line
To JR Kushima Station
About 40 minutes / 200 yen

JR Nichinan Line
JR Kushima Station → Minami Miyazaki Station
(about 2 hours)

Miyazaki Kuko Line
JR Minami Miyazaki Station → Miyazaki Airport Station,
Total 1,770 yen

Miyazaki Airport (Miyazaki Bougainvillea Airport)more

Miyazaki is the gateway to the skies with 5 domestic routes (18 roundtrips to Tokyo per week, 11 to Osaka, 3 to Nagoya, 1 to Okinawa, and 13 to Fukuoka) and 3 international routes (3 roundtrips to Seoul per week, 2 to Taipei, and 2 to Hong Kong). Flowering trees such as Bougainvillea and Washington Palm fill the airport interior and greet travelers with a tropical mood. Its restaurants and shops offer many unique Miyazaki dishes and souvenirs of Miyazaki.
Free Wi-Fi is also available. There is also excellent train service via a 10 minute trip from JR Miyazaki Station. *Route information is as of April 2017.

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Haneda Airport

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