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Luxury bars-TOKYO×Local liquor‐KAGOSHIMA

Food Luxury bars-TOKYO

One of the joys of Tokyo is enjoying a nice drink with beautiful night views in a luxurious space.
Just the right bottle is selected from the giant wine cellar to please your palate.
The barman hones his craft behind the counter.
The shining lights of the mega-city deepen the flavor of your drink with every sip.

Food Local liquor‐KAGOSHIMA

Kagoshima, a city overlooked by the majestic Sakurajima volcano, is home to many historic shochu distilleries. Made from ingredients like rice, wheat and sweet potato, shochu is Japan's distilled beverage.
At a distillery, shochu is aged for years in Kame (a type of large jar).
Tastings and purchase of mature Kagoshima shochu are available at the shop adjoining the distillery.
If you wish to try a wide range of Kagoshima shochu, head for an izakaya downtown.


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