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Miyazaki Prefecture is home to numerous sightseeing spots where you can learn about Japanese culture and history, such as Aoshima and Udojingu shrine, the setting for the myth of the beginning of Japan in the Hyuga Shinwa. There is also Obi Castle and its town, where you can enjoy a walk down its historic streets while interacting with local residents, the many different types of kagura music and dance of Takachiho, and the Saitobaru kofungun group of kofuns.
Also, Miyazaki is famous for its premium quality brands, such as Miyazaki beef, voted Japan's best beef for three straight years and served at the afterparty of the Academy Awards in the United States, and Miyazaki caviar and Taiyo no Tamago mangoes that were on the menu for the world's leaders at the 2016 G7 summit in Ise.

Getting from Tokyo to MIYAZAKI

Route 1

  • Haneda airport → Miyazaki airport : Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes

Route 2

  • Tokyo station → Miyazaki station : Approximately 8 hours 45 minutes by Tokaido & Sanyo & Kyushu shinkansen

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