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Aoshima Shrine

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This shrine is in the center of an island with a circumference of 1.5 km, surrounded by mysterious rocks known as “Oni no Sentakuita,” or the “devil's washboard.” The contrast between the shrine and the tropical and subtropical plants on the island creates a unique atmosphere that is both Japanese and tropical. It is the setting of the love stories of Umisachi-hiko and Toyotama-hime in Japanese mythology, and said to be good for marriage, easy childbirth and so on. It is listed in the Michelin Green Guide Japan (2 stars).

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More Information about Aoshima Shrine

Street address

2-13-1, Aoshima, Miyazaki City


  • About 1 km from JR Aoshima Station on foot

Opening Hours

6:00 to 18:00


Open throughout the year


Best season

All year


TukTuk transportation services are available free of charge between JR Aoshima Station and the entrance to Aoshima Shrine. We recommend taking the Umisachi Yamasachi tourist train to travel to Nichinan and Obi (service on weekends, holidays and peak periods).

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