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Kawaii Culture-TOKYO×Wakaran Mixed Culture-NAGASAKI


Kawaii Culture-TOKYO

Enjoy delicious and flamboyant sweets along Harajuku’s vibrant Takeshita Street.
Stop by the cute and spooky Kawaii Monster Cafe, home of the spectacular Sweets Go Round.
Eat and snap these colorful and crazy concoctions, served by the iconic Monster Girls.
Say hi to café mascot Choppy and take a selfie with the Monster Girls before you go. (As of November 2018, Choppy only performs on Wednesday nights.)
At night, the café becomes a wild and raucous show restaurant.

Wakaran Mixed Culture-NAGASAKI

As a major trading port, Nagasaki saw the flourishing of “Wakaran” culture, a mixture of Japanese, Chinese and Western cultures.
Tour the beautiful former home of the Glover family, the oldest wooden Western-style building in Japan.
At Ryotei Kagetsu, enjoy Nagasaki’s unique Shippoku Ryori, a hybrid cuisine with Japanese, Chinese and Western elements.
Each October, the city hosts the Nagasaki Kunchi festival. As a symbol of Wakaran culture, it is a nationally-recognized Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property.
The various city districts each prepare their own unique dashi float and dance through the streets twirling them in the air.
All the dashi come together at Suwa Shrine, the main festival venue, for a colorful and vibrant mass celebration.


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