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Imperial Palace-TOKYO×Dazaifu-FUKUOKA

History Imperial Palace-TOKYO

Built on the site of the former Edo Castle, and retaining some of its walls and moats, the Imperial Palace stands in stunning contrast to downtown Tokyo with its scenery and historic ramparts.
Here we find Sakuradamon Gate, an important cultural property of Japan, the statue of the samurai in the Sengoku period and stone walls from the time that Edo Castle was built.
The expansive, shady Kokyo Gaien National Garden is a bustling public park and tourist spot, a mecca for runners enjoying the beautiful setting.

History Dazaifu-FUKUOKA

Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine is dedicated to the Shinto god of literature and education, Tenjin (Sugawara no Michizane).
The path leading to the shrine is busy with worshippers and shops.
Umegae mochi (a grilled red bean cake stamped with a plum blossom) is a popular snack for tourists.
Visitors from around the world pass through the majestic Roumon Gate before approaching the main shrine.


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