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Unagi-TOKYO×Seafood OITA

Food Unagi-TOKYO

Spitchcock grilled eel is a traditional Japanese dish. It is highly nutritious and a good source of vitamins.
The magic ingredient is the restaurant's own sauce, a closely-guarded secret passed down through generations.
Exposed to the flames of the grill, the salty, sweet sauce produces a tantalizing scent that drifts out of the kitchen and into the dining area, whetting diners' appetites.
The beautiful multilayered box opens to reveal crispy, chargrilled eel. The deep, rich flavor spreads across the palate.

Food Seafood OITA

The mackerel and horse mackerel landed at Saganoseki Port are called "Seki-saba" and "Seki-aji" nationally renowned brands.
The "tsuragai" selection takes place at Saganoseki Port where the weight of the fish is judged by sight to ensure that the fish are in excellent shape.
A restaurant near the port will prepare a meal for you with freshly-caught Seki-aji.
Enjoy a meal of fresh, vibrant sashimi, as is or on rice, with the beautiful view of the ocean.


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