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Tara Town

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The highlights of Tara Town are the Takezaki crabs and oysters. In the winter, you can enjoy cooking freshly caught seafood at small grilled-oyster shops along the national highway.
You can also take a dip in a hot spring with a view of the wide Ariake Sea in the hot spring hotels along the coast. The tide level of the Ariake Sea varies by six meters. In Tara, known as “the town where you can see the gravitational pull of the moon,” you can enjoy the hot springs while gazing at the ebb and the flow of the tide.
Recently the Kaichu Torii gates in the sea have become a popular photo spot when the tide is high.
Recently the Kaichu Torii gates in the sea, which become submerged in water when the tide is high, have become a popular photo spot.

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More Information about Tara Town

Street address

Tara Town, Kishima-gun, Saga Prefecture


  • 2 minutes by taxi from JR Nagasaki Main Line Tara Station

Opening Hours

Varies depending on the establishment


Varies depending on the establishment



Best season

Jan., Feb., Nov., Dec.


The area along National Route 207 in Tara Town is full of small grilled-oyster shops, and you can taste Takezaki oysters and the specialty Takezaki crab here.

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