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Saga Prefecture is dotted with historical sites that tell the history of Japan.
Enjoy a tour of the unearthed articles and restored buildings, recreating Japan 2,000 years ago, at Yoshinogari Historical Park, or visit the fine castle keep at Karatsu Castle and the Honmaru palace at Saga Castle restored to its historical form, which are all magnificent.
Porcelain, such as Arita-yaki and Imari-yaki, have a history dating back 400 years, still fascinates fans all over the world, especially in Okawachiyama, the site of an Edo-era clan kiln, where you can walk the streets that hearken back to those days.
Saga is also home to many great hot springs in Japan that will relieve your travel-weariness, such as Takeo Onsen and its 1,300 years of history, and Ureshino and Furuyu Onsens, said to give you beautiful skin. Live squid sashimi (ikizukuri), made with fresh Yobuko squid, and the finest kuroge wagyu beef, Saga beef, are dishes not to be missed.

Getting from Tokyo to SAGA

Route 1

  • Haneda airport → Saga airport : Approximately 2 hours

Route 2

  • Tokyo station → Saga station : Approximately 5 hours 50 minutes by Tokaido & Sanyo shinkansen and express train

Recommended routes

    After you join a workshop for making Edo-Kiriko cut glass, one of the Tokyo's traditional handicrafts at the Sumida Edo Kiriko-kan, visit to Ookawachiyama, famous village for the Imari-yaki Pottery. This journey will have enough of attractive both handicrafts.
    Visit Taishakuten Temple, still rich with the lingering romance of Tokyo’s traditional Shitamachi downtown, before heading off to in Kashima, another locale that continues to protect the “good old traditional Japan.” Kashima features Yutoku Inari Shrine, well-known for its red torii archways and fox statues, as well as tidal flats to experience. Take a trip that will make you fully appreciate Japan.

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