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Trekking in Mt. Unzen

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Unzen in Nagasaki Prefecture is a famous hot spring resort. The area was formed through repeated volcanic eruptions, and this volcanic activity is still ongoing today. This trekking course traverses the three mountains of Mt. Myoken, Mt. Kunimi, and Mt. Fugen, and offers beautiful natural landscapes with features that change in each season - azaleas in spring, deep greenery in summer, red foliage in autumn, and hoarfrost in winter. While these mountains were formed through eruptions tends of thousands of years ago, it is also possible to see Heisei Shinzan up close, which was newly formed through a volcanic eruption about 30 years ago. On this route, one can trace the evolution of the unique landscape and vegetation formed under the influence of volcanoes.

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More Information about Trekking in Mt. Unzen

Street address

Unzen, Obama-cho, Unzen City, Nagasaki Prefecture


  • 80 minutes by bus from JR Isahaya Station

Opening Hours



Best season

Mar., Apr., May, Jun., Jul., Aug., Sep., Oct., Nov.


While it is possible to rent trekking shoes and backpacks, sizes and numbers are limited, so please consult beforehand if you wish to rent such equipment.
Furthermore, the course will take 6 hours to complete.

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