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Nagasaki Prefecture played a historic role connecting Japan and the West in the Edo period, which has given it a distinct international flair.
It has diverse sightseeing spots that include, Oura Church, the oldest church in existence in Japan, Nagasaki Chinatown, Hashima (Battleship Island), which once prospered in undersea coal mining, and its attractive outlying islands.
Huis Ten Bosch is not just a reproduction of a cityscape in the Netherlands, but is a place where you can also enjoy a wide range of attractions such as flowers, light displays, games, music, and health and wellness.
Shimabara is called the "city of water" where its colored carp that are popular around the world swim through the city's clear streams.
In addition, the prefecture's rich nature provides Nagasaki with delicious food from its mountains and the ocean, and you can enjoy nationally-renown dishes that include Nagasaki champon, sara udon, and the Sasebo burger.

Getting from Tokyo to NAGASAKI

Route 1

  • Haneda airport → Nagasaki airport : Approximately 2 hours

Route 2

  • Tokyo station → Nagasaki station : Approximately 7 hours by Tokaido & Sanyo & Kyushu shinkansen and express train

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    Riding the recent wave of popularity for Japanese food and tea, Japanese ceramics have also been attracting attention overseas. Japanese ceramics have a beauty that is different from Western ceramics, and this journey through Tokyo and Kyushu highlights Japanese ceramics and explores their charms.
    After appreciating artworks and its architectural and historical building at The National Museum of Western Art in the Ueno Park, Tokyo, take in the Oura Tenshudo, a Catholic church located in Nagasaki prefecture. It's considered the oldest existing Christian church in Japan, and was the first Western building designated as a national treasure. This journey will fully gratifies you with the historic beauty of arts and buildings.
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