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Usuki Stone Buddhas

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Usuki Stone Buddhas_1 Usuki Stone Buddhas_2 Usuki Stone Buddhas_3 Usuki Stone Buddhas_4

The Usuki Stone Buddhas are carved to represent Furuzono Sekibutsu Dainichi Nyorai and are said to have been created from the late Heian period to the Kamakura period.
In terms of scale and quantity, the high quality of the carving of the stone Buddhas is representative of Japan, and on June 15, 1995, the statues were designated as National Treasures, the first stone carvings to receive such a designation and the first national treasure in Kyushu.
There are over 60 stone Buddhas, of which 59 are national treasures.
The stone Buddhas are divided into 4 groups, with each group given a name determined by their location. The grups are called the First Hoki group (Dogasako Buddhas), the Second Hoki group, the Sanno group, and the Furuzono group, respectively.
Each is a masterpiece of outstanding work and the expressive figure of Buddha gives peace of mind to visitors.

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Street address

804-1 Ooaza Fukata, Usuki City, Oita



  • About 30 minutes by bicycle from Usuki Station


  • Kyushin Kotsu
    Take the Kyushin Kotsu bus for Mie-machi from Usuki Station.
    About 20 minutes. Get off at Usuki sekibutsu bus stop.

Opening Hours




Open all year


Best season

All year


Enjoy the lotus flowers in the lotus fields in Sekibutsu Park from June to July.
Also, the statue of Nio in nearby Mangetsu-ji Temple is very cute in its humorous form.

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