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Futago-ji Temple

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Futago-ji temple is one of the Rokugo-Manzan temples, and is located on the slopes of Mount Futago (altitude 721 m) in the center of the Kunisaki Peninsula, It is said to have been founded in 718 AD. The enshrined Nio statues that guard the approach to the temple have recently gained popularity both in Japan and abroad as scenery representative of the Kunisaki Peninsula. You can feel the deep faith that has persisted for around 1,300 years and the richness of the region's nature from the stone stairs between the Nio statues that stretch to the inner sanctum deep in the mountains.

More Information about Futago-ji Temple

Street address

1548 Futago, Aki-machi, Kunisaki City, Oita Prefecture


  • Take the JR Nippo Main Line to Kitsuki Station, and then take an Oita Kotsu bus bound for Kunisaki/Aki, and get off at the Aki bus stop (around 20 minutes)
    Transfer to a Oita Kotsu bus bound for Futago-ji and take the bus to the terminus stop (around 40 minutes)

Opening Hours

[Spring–fall] March-November: 8:00–17:00
[Winter] December-February: 08:30–16:30   *Temple hall closes at 16:00


Gates may close due to inclement weather, such as snow and typhoons.


Best season

All year


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