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Ryugu Shrine

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Nagasakibana is a cape that juts out from the southernmost tip of the Satsuma Peninsula. The view of Kaimon-dake volcano across the water presents a beautifully shaped mountain and on clear days, the view extends as far as Yakushima and Iwo jima islands. Nagasakibana is known in Japanese folklore as the cape where Urashima Taro departed for Ryugu. This is why it is also known as Cape Ryugu. Ryugu Shrine, which enshrines Toyotama-hime, is dedicated to the area's beautiful scenery.

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Street address

1578-8 Yamagawaoka Chiyogamizu, Ibusuki City, Kagoshima


  • Take Ibusuki Kanko Nottari-Oritari Bus."
    Ride the bus for about 20 minutes from "Fushime Bus Stop" close to Sayuri and then get off at "Nagasakibana Bus Stop""

Opening Hours

Open throughout the year


Open throughout the year


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An extended shopping street just like those in the past

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